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What is Treat?


Therapeutic Relaxation and Enhanced Awareness Training, or ‘Treat’, is a unique program that offers self-care and organisational-care support programs that have been successfully delivered since 2014. ‘Treat’ is more than a well-being workshop: it is an evidence-based service that makes sense.


Treat Organisational-Care offers LIVE (in-person or Zoom) sessions at work that are tailored to assist staff, teams and executives to re-calibrate, re-energise, and re-engage during their busy and challenging work days.


Treat Self-Care is an online learning platform for individuals looking to integrate guided mindfulness, well-being and meditation into their lives at home.


Our Treat Yourself products enhance the overall sensory experience of our individual and organisational programs and can be added to your overall Treat practice.


Jo’s relaxed and practical approach enables participants to learn how to find important moments of self-awareness, calm, and clarity. This helps them navigate work and life’s many stressors and support their own health, relationships and well-being.


The education, content and practices provided during sessions are 100% evidence based and include:

  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Emotional regulation skills
  • Health education
  • Self-care
  • Fatigue management
  • Self-compassion
  • Body awareness and movement
  • Relaxation
  • Stress reduction approaches
Treat, noun: “an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure”

Why use Treat?


Winner of the people’s choice for the Health Round Table Beyond 2019 Shark Tank

Awarded 2017 Finalist for the Minister for Health’s Award for Improving Workforce Wellbeing and Safety


Treat has been evaluated extensively and shown to significantly reduce burnout in health professionals (1).


RESULTS of TREAT session evaluations include:

100% of staff would recommend this program to their colleagues

99% of staff making positive lifestyle changes

100% of staff felt better able to deal with stress


Because there is no anti-stress pill on the market.

An individual’s mental and physical health is their most precious asset. This asset needs to be considered and protected, both by themselves and the organisation they work in, long before any signs of burnout or vital exhaustion appear.


Stress spreads.

How we feel has a ripple effect on those we work with and those we care for. This is known as emotional contagion. Our personal and professional wellbeing plays an integral role in the safety and satisfaction of our teams and clients.


(1) Kang M, Selzer R, Gibbs H, Bourke K, Hudaib AR, Gibbs J. Mindfulness-based intervention to reduce burnout and psychological distress, and improve wellbeing in psychiatry trainees: a pilot study. Australas Psychiatry. 2019 Jun;27(3):219-224. doi: 10.1177/1039856219848838

Change care


Anticipating, embracing and implementing change in an organisational setting can create anxiety, emotional exhaustion and overall fatigue. Whilst organisational change consultants are trained to identify and manage these outcomes amongst the employees and teams of an organisation, the wellbeing of leadership teams and executives driving the change is often overlooked. If we can bring compassion to this process, there is more space for acceptance, growth and creativity. This allows leaders to be authentic and feel secure. By taking a moment to stop pushing forward, we can draw out the resources that are already present.


TREAT believes that in order to obtain optimal organisational change, all stakeholders in the change process deserve to be uplifted to overall wellbeing and experience joy at work. To support this, we offer two wellbeing programs for Leadership and Executive teams: Change Readiness and Change Optimisation.




TREAT Change Readiness

Your organisation has determined a significant organisational change needs to occur and you are one of the leaders tasked with leading it. Are you ready?

The TREAT Change Readiness Program works with executives and leadership teams who are anticipating guiding an organisational change or who work within a climate that embraces frequent change. Led by Dr Ashlee Linck and Jo Gibbs, the TREAT Change Readiness Program marries traditional change readiness theory with innovative wellbeing practices that result in holistic change readiness for your leaders and executives.


Enquire to learn more about how Dr Ashlee Linck and Jo Gibbs can enhance the change readiness of your leadership team and, ultimately, help you deliver optimal organisational change.




TREAT Change Optimisation

TREAT knows there is no “quick fix” for wellbeing in the workplace. But there are practices and methodologies that can help.

Your organisation may be either initiating a corporate change or mid organisational change and your leaders may be showing signs of emotional exhaustion, reduced morale, higher absenteeism, and/or burnout.


The TREAT Change Optimisation works with your leaders though each stage of the organisational change process to proactively manage their mental and physical welling at work and beyond. By caring for your leaders and equipping them with tools to manage their overall wellbeing, you will have a leadership team who is performing optimally and delivering lasting outcomes. Contact us to learn more about how to optimise your organisational change!

Welcome to the launch of Victoria’s Healthcare worker wellbeing centre hosted by Safer Care Victoria and facilitated by the Victorian Chief Allied Health Officer Adj Assoc Prof Donna Markham on behalf of all the Victorian Chief Clinical Officers at Safer Care Victoria.


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