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Jo has been working in healthcare for almost 35 years. She is a hospital and university trained registered nurse and has maintained her professional registration with AHPRA. She is currently undertaking post graduate research in health and mindfulness for healthcare professionals and post graduate study in human services counselling at university.



Jo has qualifications and professional training in mindfulness (MBSR and MBCT), meditation and support counselling, both in Australia and internationally with facilitators from: The Centre for Mindfulness at The University of Massachusetts Medical School; The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University (UK); Mindful Practice, University of Rochester Medical Centre; and The Mindfulness Training Institute Australasia and Swinburn University. Jo has trained in Hatha, Yin and Iyengar yoga and has participated in mindfulness, meditation and yoga workshops with both senior and international teachers including: Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli, Dr Ron Epstein, Dr Mick Krasner, Timothea Goddard, Judith Hanson Lasater, Paul Gilbert, Alan Wallace, Donna Farhi, Peter Scott, Sarah Powers and many more teachers that she gratefully acknowledges for their craft, guidance and knowledge.



Jo is regularly invited to present on the latest evidence around workplace stress and burnout and the importance of self care. The core programs are the popular 6-8 week Treat Foundation program and the nourishing Treat Rest & Recovery sessions designed to reduce staff fatigue, stress and emotional exhaustion. These sessions have been delivered to Alfred Health staff since 2014 and due to popular demand have been rolled out to many other organisations.


Also available is the:

Treat Immersion session
This is a 
2 hour bespoke workshop that is specifically tailored and designed for corporate education and leadership forums.

These sessions are currently available either virtually or face to face.



Jo is invited to regularly present on the importance of self awareness and self care for burn out prevention as part of education, leadership and orientation programs and various medical, health, teaching and nursing conferences.



Jo has presented Treat in London at an international medical research meeting and presented the results of her work and research at the International Conference on Mindfulness in Europe 2018.



Treat Healthcare clients include:

The Treat program and app was born from Jo’s experience of working as a nurse in a busy hospital and her colleagues requests to share her meditations and practices to reduce their own stress and suffering.

Meet the Crew

Founder and Director

Jo Gibbs spent her early years growing up in Canberra and Darwin. At 17 she flew the coop for adventures in Sydney, Adelaide, Vancouver, Brisbane and Byron Bay. She was a travelling gypsy until settling in Melbourne with her family 10 years ago.


Jo originally trained and worked as a registered nurse. She then ventured into the corporate world as a skincare and wellness training manager and hospital medical account manager. She now spends her time and skills designing bespoke wellbeing programs and sessions to support busy humans at work and home.


Jo studied mindfulness both in Australia (MBSR) and the UK (MBCT), and as a forever uni student is currently studying a Master of Counselling. Jo has trained in the art of yoga, aromatherapy, reflexology and beauty therapy. She loves swimming in the bay, spending time in her aromatic garden and drinking champagne.


She is a devoted mother of three teenage girls and 4 rescue cats and dogs.


Jo Gibbs

Business Leader

Dr Ashlee J. Linck is a sassy Yank turned Aussie known to appear by day as an academic or sales/marketing professional. Ashlee has a Doctorate and Masters degree in Management with specialised knowledge in organisational psychology, healthcare and consulting services. Her pet passions include leadership theory, creating strong followers, birth order, open water swimming at dawn and karaoke.
Dr Ashlee J. Linck

Creative Director

Ella is a law and arts uni student who spends her free time dreaming of travelling to Paris. She loves anything that is to do with pampering the senses and that includes food! She speaks French and reads prolifically. She is also a keen runner who is on the lookout for stray animals to bring home to her ever-growing residential zoo. Ella appreciates beautiful spaces and stylish accessories but remains a hippie from Byron at heart.


Treat Mascot/Head of Security/OHS Officer

Spotty was born in Byron Bay and was adopted by her family after being abandoned by gypsies rolling through Lennox Head. Despite her humble beginnings, she has developed a love for plush bedding, soft furnishings and organic chicken wings. She attends every virtual Treat session, and is Jo’s greatest supporter.


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