Self Care

“Do you have the
patience to wait until
your mud settles and
the water is clear?”


Treat Self-Care


‘Treat Self-Care’ is an online learning platform and audio course for individuals looking to integrate guided mindfulness, well-being and meditation into their lives at home.


Self awareness practices such as meditation helps you understand yourself, improve your mood, sleep and relationships.


These embodied practices can help you become calmer, more creative, balanced and less stressed and anxious.


Research has shown that self awareness practices such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga can improve your physical, mental and emotional health and quality of life. These practices allow space for homeostasis and healing, so that you can have optimal health and thrive.


Practicing these ancient contemplative practices and spending moments in quiet self reflection can enhance your intuition and focus, allowing you to connect to your hearts wisdom and follow your own authentic path.





TREAT Yourself Audio Meditation

These portable audio courses are designed to gently guide you through various meditation practices and bring ease into your every day.

They are designed especially for you to help cope with stress and overwhelm, and provide you with a different perspective, soothing words, rituals and space for exploring your creativity and full potential. These innovative audio courses are designed as four simple modules with various themes that include: Nourishing, Sensing, Vitality and Creativity.


With each weekly module there are two meditations. The first one is to begin your day with a morning practice and the other is to end your day with an evening practice. You’ll receive notes and beautiful poetry to support your journey.


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TREAT Yourself Online Learning & Practice

These online courses are designed to educate, support and guide you on a journey of self care and self awareness and self discovery.

They are designed especially for you to cope better with emotions, stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and provide you with tools, support and space for learning, growth, self awareness and healing. These innovative online courses are designed according to up to date research, Jo’s intuition, and what is current and relevant.


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